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Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 12, 2011

list shared fax printer in AD. Printing issue from XP SP3 x86 to shared fax on Server 2k8R2 x64

Sau rất nhiều lần thử thất bại (Event ID 333 & 327) -> đành chấp nhận kết luận:

This behavior is by design as it is hard code in windows 2008 to restrict end user to publish the FAX in AD. The detail is when the user wants to publish a FAX or
MXDW (Microsoft XPS Document Writer) device, the spooler service won’t allow such action. It doesn’t initialize three mandatory attributes “uNCName”, “serverName”
and “shortServerName” forcefully during creating the printqueue object. Therefore, the DC fails to create the printqueue object with error 80072014. As a result, you
fail to publish the FAX in AD.
Actually, the UI (list in directory) is a general one for print device. So it is possible that it doesn’t check the target device’s detail information during
initialization phase. For sure, I think we can improve the UI so that the end user can get appropriate message when he tries to publish the FAX.
In Windows 2003, it always allow publish. So the workaround is to use 2003 to publish the fax.

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