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Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 2, 2012

Selecting USB devive for Ready Boost

External storage must meet the following requirements:
  • Capacity of at least 256 MB, with at least 64 kilobytes (KB) of free space.The 4-GB limit of Windows Vista has been removed.
  • At least a 2.5 MB/sec throughput for 4-KB random reads
  • At least a 1.75 MB/sec throughput for 1-MB random writes
ReadyBoost provides the most significant performance improvement under the following circumstances:
  • The computer has a slow hard disk drive. Computers with a primary hard disk Windows Experience Index (WEI) subscore lower than 4.0 will see the most significant improvements.
  • The flash storage provides fast, random, non-sequential reads. Sequential read speed is less important.
  • The flash storage is connected by a fast bus. Typically, USB memory card readers are not sufficiently fast. However, connecting flash memory to an internal memory card reader might provide sufficient performance.
Computers with fast hard disks (such as 7,200- or 10,000-RPM disks) might realize minimal performance gains because of the already high disk I/O. ReadyBoost will read files from the cache only when doing so will improve performance. Hard disks outperform flash drives during sequential reads, but flash drives are faster during non-sequential reads (because of the latency caused when the drive head must move to a different disk sector).Therefore, ReadyBoost reads from the cache only for non-sequential reads.
Bổ sung trong quá trình tìm hiểu booting from USB:
So sánh data transfer rate giữa SSD/SDHC/USB drive
Một loại USB tốc độ cao để thử nghiệm JF600 của transcend. Loại này tốc độ đọc ghi là:
Read up to 32 MByte/s, Write up to 12 MByte/s (8~32GB);
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