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Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 2, 2011

IBM Virtual Media Key - Upgrade for IMM

Thông tin ban đầu có vẻ ít
IBM Virtual Media Keys
The IBM Virtual Media Key options take the Integrated Management Module to the next level, by providing full remote control of your System x servers. The IBM Virtual Media Keys allow administrators to fully manage servers remotely regardless of server or operating system condition.
The Integrated Management Module, an affordable, next-generation, systems-management environment, makes everyday management tasks easier and more efficient. The Integrated Management Module simplifies remote management by providing around-the-clock remote access with complete out-of-band management allowing administrators to perform systems management functions whether the server is operational or not. Combined with IBM Systems Director, the Integrated Management Module provides an end-to-end, complete, in-band and out-of-band solution.
Theo đồng chí này và có lẽ là đúng thì IMM cung cấp các tính năng monitor và truy xuất căn bản như Start, Stop. Muốn thêm tính năng cao cấp hơn thì phải mua VMK. Cũng tương tự như Dell (DRAC) hoặc HP (iLO) thôi.

Bàn thân IMM là bước cải tiến và thay thế cho RSA II adapter.
 -------------RSA II Replaced by IMM--------------

The RSA II adapter has been succeded by the IMM. The IMM is integrated into both the x3650 M2 and the x3550 M2, but certain features need to be enabled by purchasing a “Media Key”. This is similar to how HP handles this issue, except with a physical key. The Media key enables additional features, as described in the IMM User Guide:

In addition, IMM Premium has the following features:
- Remote presence, including the remote control of a server- Operating-system failure- screen capture and display through the Web interface- Remote disk, which enables the attachment of a diskette drive, CD/DVD drive, USB flash drive, or disk image to a server

Sau khi lần mò một lúc tìm thêm được tài liệu:

User's Guide for Integrated Management Module  (x3650 M3) - Third Edition (February 2010)

Integrated Management Module update v1.24 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 - IBM BladeCenter and System x

Version:      1.24
Release Date:      2011-01-13
Trong tài liệu của 1.24 (xem link trên) có một số lưu ý quan trọng:
- IMPORTANT: Update of new firmware of Integrated Management Module (IMM) version YUOO73M under Microsoft Windows may take additional wait time of up to ten (10) minutes. This is due to the iflash tool checking the IMM before flashing. During this time the flash process may appear hung or unresponsive. The flash will then be completed and there is no functional impact. This only happens once during the first time the new IMM firmware yuoo73m is applied. All IMM firmware versions prior to YUOO58A are affected.
- IMPORTANT: Make sure the current IMM firmware level is 1.14 or later before you update the uEFI, FPGA, or DSA Preboot firmware. The recommended firmware update sequence is IMM followed by UEFI followed by FPGA followed by DSA Preboot.
- IMPORTANT: When updating IMM, uEFI, pDSA, FPGA via any method, please follow firmware update best practice document
Best Practice Firmware Update Guide - IBM BladeCenter and System x for suggested update sequence and prerequisite.

Liên quan đến sử dụng IMM, có một vài thông tin đáng chú ý:
I experienced exactly these symptoms and found the problem was caused by the internal proxy server. Once I added an exclusion to IE to bypass the proxy for the IMM address I was immediately able to connect to the IMM and login with no issues.
Liên quan đến cập nhật firmware và driver cho server:
I would also suggest that you update all the drivers and firmware on that server at least twice a year. Either use IBM's UpdateXpress or their BOMC (Bootable Media Creator).I prefer the BOMC because it is just more simple to use, and it seems to find everything faster. I hope you have a wonderful day! Good Luck!

Truy cập vào fix central
Chọn OS, trong ví dụ này chọn Operating System Independent / None
Thông tin về IBM Bootable Media Creator (BOMC)

Còn thông tin về IBM UpdateXpress

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