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Thứ Tư, 23 tháng 3, 2011

Vietnam Credit first gives bank ratings

Lưu ý thông tin này từ năm 2009 tức là trước thời điểm NHNN y/c tăng vốn các ngân hàng lên 3000B

By Hong Phuc - The Saigon Times Daily

HANOI - Vietnam Credit Information & Rating Co., or Vietnam Credit, released for the first time a bank ratings report on Wednesday, assessing the health and outlooks of dozens of local banks on financial and non-financial criteria.

The Vietnam Credit Index is composed on 18 criteria such as capital adequacy ratio, liquidity, business efficiency, managerial ability and experience, brand, quality, service and asset expansion. The enterprise has summarized data from audited financial statements of banks in 2008.

According to the ratings report 2009, Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is the only financial institution in Vietnam to hold the A-ratings, which recognizes institutions with low transaction risks but still under impacts of unexpected fluctuations and economic environment.

Nine major banks in the country, including Sacombank, Eximbank, Vietcombank, Military Bank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, VPBank, BIDV and Habubank, are ranked BBB. A bank with the BBB rating has a relative high safety but risks might rise under unfavorable conditions.

Meanwhile, Southeast Asia, Saigon Bank, Agribank, Dong A, Vietnam International Bank, Maritime Bank, Lien Viet, Saigon-Hanoi, and Ocean Bank, are graded BB. The banks are deemed vulnerable under unfavorable business and financial situations.

The B-ratings is given to VID Public, HDBank, ABBank, Tien Phong, Vinasiam, Global Petro, Indovina, Saigon, Nam Viet, Mekong Housing Bank, PG Bank and Southern Bank. This grade is designed for those who probably lost credit solvency ability but are still capable of carrying out financial commitments.

The CCC-ratings (high risks and low capability for financial commitments given unfavorable economic conditions) includes small commercial banks. They are Shinhanvina, Viet A, Vietnam-Russia Bank, Vietbank, North Asia, My Xuyen, Western Bank, Orient, Dai A, Great Trust, First Bank, Gia Dinh, Vietnam Tin Nghia and Kien Long.

Viet Hoa Bank is the only one in grade D. Banks classified into this ratings grade are seen as bankrupt.

No banks in Vietnam are ranked AAA (highest ability for meeting financial commitments) and AA (high ability for financial commitments but lower than AAA). Vietnam Credit also sets up CC ratings for those encumbered with debts and have low credit solvency ability as well as C for those with bankruptcy risk but are trying to pay debts.

Experts said that safety of local banks is relative stable in the short term. The banking industry will be much dependent on macro policies and outside factors in the future.

The net interest margin (NIM) rate of the banking system is 2.93% while the return on assets (ROA) is 1.32%. The return on equity (ROE) and cost/income (C/I) ratios are 8.57% and 48.49% respectively.

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